SUNDAY Run & Gun Airsoft Battles

SUNDAYS from 11am-5pm - $25

Includes everything you need to play!

Authorized Evike Dealer

All Starr Paintball and Airsoft is now an authorized ERIKE dealer.  Stop in and see what's available in our store today!

Allstarr Airsoft

We are getting new supplies every week, and now have an Airsoft Technician on staff!

Allstarr carries a complete line of Airsoft guns & accessories from full auto A.E.G.s to Green Gas Pistols. We also have holsters, BBs, Green Gas, Sights, Flashlights, Moly Vests Attachments and everything else you need to complete your mission….. Boo Yaa!

Airsoft Regulations

Under 18 - Must use Full Face
Must Use Barrel Bags
Dead Rag Rule Applies
Mask Must be on in All Fire Zones
No Offensive Language
All Participants must have a waiver signed by an adult of legal age
Surrender Rule - 20ft.
No Physical Contact
Bio BBs Only

400 - .20
360 - .25
320 - .30
450 - Sniper